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Laser Dentistry - High Tech and Anxiety free

DEKA ErYag Hard tissue laser

It replaces the drill whenever you need a filling or when decay needs to be removed. On many teeth this does not require needles or drills.
This means also that multiple teeth in different parts of your mouth can be worked on comfortably in the same visit.
The laser gently removes the decay leaving more of the healthy tooth intact. It is ideal for everyone.

DEKA CO2 Soft tissue laser

This laser is used to treat gum disease, manage painful and threatening lesions and assists in all surgical procedures. Pain, discomfort, infection and inflammation are reduced in comparison to conventional procedures. Healing is often faster and less bothersome.

Many small surgical procedures can be performed with very little or even without freezing, like recontouring the smile line around your teeth. It speeds up the healing process of apthous ulcers (canker sores, cold sores) and herpes and alleviates the pain. It can be used instead of antibiotics to fight bacteria around teeth and gums and to eliminate residual bacteria before fillings and root canals are done.

Is the Laser safe?

Absolutely, the treatment has proven to be appropriate and safe in over tens of thousands of applications throughout the world. The laser is ideal for both adults and children.

How is the Laser different than the drill?

The drill is a very powerful tool and the vibration often causes discomfort, and anesthesia is almost always needed. The laser removes the decay and all you experience is a gentle tapping sound with a light water spray on the tooth.

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